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Testimonials given by parents, childminders and nursery professionals who have already enjoyed RAFT sessions:

‘ The session was carefully planned for a group of 2-3 year olds and all children engaged well. The props and thought behind each session was excellent. The incorporation of music was also extremely effective.  Jade Spalding, Deputy Nursery Manager, Angels at Play

‘ Laura covered a broad range of the curriculum with listening activities, dressing up, role play and a scientific look at light reflection and its uses in keeping us safe, as well as craft activities. The four and five year olds were engaged and focussed throughout the adult led activities and were able to recite and act out the green cross code at the end of the session. We all had great fun as well as a fabulous learning experience. Angie Lewis, Reception Class Teacher, St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Stanstead Abbotts

‘ Pitched beautifully at the interests of my toddler I can see how the activities could really build their awareness.  Charley, mummy to Reuben

‘ We commissioned RAFT sessions to run at the children’s centre for our younger 2 year old children and their parents. The sessions were run in a relaxed and informal way to allow the children a choice of activities that support different key road safety messages. The children enjoyed the activities and especially loved learning the road safety songs. Claire Murray, Early Years Specialist and Co-ordinator, Broxbourne East Children’s Centre Group, Hertford Regional College.

‘ These classes are a great idea as there’s nothing currently like this available for toddlers and as a parent I’m keen to learn techniques to help keep my son safe whilst out and about.  Laura, mummy to Jack

‘ We found this class very helpful and a good starting point to begin talking about road safety. We really enjoyed the fun songs and the traffic light game.  Vicky Pullinger, childminder to Harry, aged 2

‘ A great road safety introduction. Megan enjoyed the songs and games played in class. She now points to the buses we see and will stop and look for traffic with me on the roads.  Amy

‘ The activities have been fun and engaging. A good start to introducing road safety concepts.  anonymous

‘ The class I attended helped my child (aged 2) to understand the meaning of the traffic light colours and when to ‘stop’ and ‘go’.  Sarah

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