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RAFTs Top Tips for parents whilst out and about with toddlers:

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blue logo small Always hold your toddler’s hand or use reigns when out and about
blue logo small Talk about how to cross roads safely, using ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Cross’
blue logo small Involve your toddler in discussing where to cross the road
blue logo small Never say ‘ok’ when it’s safe to cross, instead; ‘it’s safe to cross now’
blue logo small Wear bright clothes on a cloudy/dark/dull day – Be Bright, Be Seen


For further information and support on road safety and road awareness check out these useful videos and websites:

THINK! Child Road Safety: Tales of the Road campaign
THINK! Child Road Safety: Tales of the Road campaign
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PLEASE BE AWARE: We suggest parental viewing only, in the first instance. Always ensure you have viewed video content before showing your child/children.

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