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All about RAFT – Road Awareness from pram to pre-school and beyond

RAFT aims to deliver important road awareness messages and life skills to toddlers currently aged between 2-5 years of age, in a fun, interactive and safe environment.

Preparing our children for real-life is part of our job as parents. Engaging with children early on can instil positive lifelong attitudes and skills helping them to become safer road users. 

RAFTs mission is:

To empower parents and other adults to share road awareness messages and life skills with toddlers and young children to keep them safe.

We use many of the senses to convey our messages, as we believe children learn by ‘doing’ – so we could be listening to traffic noises in one session, touching different vehicles in another, looking at green cross code signs to tasting traffic light biscuits! It’s important to teach children about their environment from an early age as well as communicate vital life skills with them in order to keep them safe with their adult when out and about.

RAFT is delivered by Laura, previously a Senior Road Safety professional and a qualified Primary Teacher who has taught in London and overseas and written road safety training for Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), as well as managed and risk assessed School Crossing Patrol sites in North London. Along with this experience and qualifications, she recognises how important the elements of fun and excitement are within the learning process for children.

As heard on BBC3C Radio.

The little person who inspired RAFT . . . 

Owen is my lively, energetic, happy little boy! My son is the primary reason for creating RAFT – Road Awareness For Toddlers. When Owen started to walk around his first birthday, I became acutely aware of how ‘easy’ we (as parents) had ‘had it’ before that moment.

From a safety point of view it was a game changer, as well as everything in the house having to be locked, moved up high and higher, the outside world also presented certain dangers. As Owen became a proficient walker/runner or anything between those two modes of speed, I found myself and my husband constantly talking to him about dangers of the road.

I have combined my knowledge of road safety with my passion for teaching and my need as parent to keep my son safe – hence RAFT was launched. I hope you can attend a session soon and that your toddler and you have fun in the process of learning about keeping safe on our streets.

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